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   This book will empower you to let the devil know that you are not hearing what he has to say about your problem, situation or frustration. Instead, When you read this book, you will begin to experience answered prayers in as little as 60 seconds. As you talk to the hand that heals, delivers and sets free, you will manifest a change in your life, your family life and the lives of those bound by alcohol, divorced, financially strapped, dealing with some kind of illness and/or confused about their identity. When you pray without ceasing, the ill, bound and imprisoned will be positioned to experience a shift in the atmosphere, put a chokehold on the enemy, cut off its wind and begin to experience the fresh wind of God. Husband and wives will get on one accord, kick the enemy out and not one another out to begin experiencing marriage the way God designed it. Godís people will experience overflow in their finances, become end time financiers and know without a doubt that they are in Christ. Are you ready to talk to the hand? Warning: This book is for those who are ready to take authority and approach the throne room of God through prayer. Your prayers will initiate change in the lives of God's people as you strategically place prayer throughout the land when you ďtalk to the handĒ.

It's Time To Pray Without Ceasing

Hi, Iím Terri Jones and I specialize in custom made kneeling prayer pillows. Whether you prefer to pray for 60 seconds or 60 minutes, these pillows will meet your need.

Since these are the days that have been declared for Godís people to receive a harvest of souls, finances, healing and deliverance, we need to constantly be in contact with Jesus the Lord of the harvest to get direction, instructions, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.   

 These pillows are 9" x 25" wide, are made of velour/velvet fabric with  matching cording, a 3 inch thick high quality upholstery foam and choice of embroidered scriptures or sayings.  You can choose from an array of colors to match your prayer room, church colors, intercessory group colors, etc.  

  They make great gifts for new converts, graduates going off to college, newly married couples or anyone who is compassionate about the things of God.  These pillows have been purchased and presented as gifts to such distinguished persons such as Lady Narlene McLaughlin, co-founder/developer of The Potterís House Christian Fellowship, Sheriff John Rutherford, Mayor John Peyton, Gospel Artist Helen Baylor, Stormy Cleveland and many others.  So whether your prayer time consists of 60 seconds or 60 minutes, you can be equipped to pray without ceasing on your knees without any discomfort.


To request personalized pillows with custom embroidery and receive pricing quote,  send email to Terri,  and she will reply shortly.

NEW!     NEW!     NEW!


Letís encourage our kids to read Godís word
Pray according to Godís word
Know what to do after hearing from God
Then go and do what it is God will
have them to do.

   God did not want us to leave out the children!  We now make newly designed prayer pillows for youth. These pillows consist of a 16 x 16 inch pillow with matching drawstring,   bag   and   colored   craft  glue  so that the youth can create uniqueness to their own pillow.  Also,  the  drawstring bag has a 4 x 8 pocket insert for a scripture insert card. These cards will help the youth to read, memorize, meditate on and pray Godís word while lying or kneeling on their pillow.


 They can then go to school, jobs and around their peers and have the confidence that God will be with them in any situation. † These pillows make great gifts for youth. They also can be used as fund raisers, as a great craft idea for Sunday School classes, youth group sleep ins, home slumber parties and more. Not only will this be a great craft but the youth facilitator can purchase the game book that has a list of games to be played to help the kids exercise their mind, body and spirit while learning the scriptures. This will be great fun for the youth and surely will give parents the assurance of knowing that a great foundation is being laid through the Word of God.
   I have been creating games for baby showers, birthday parties and group events such as family reunions, community picnics and workshops for over 15 years. I look forward to seeing our youth learn Godís Word, utilize their God given creativity, live a life that is pleasing in Godís sight and have fun doing it!

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   Since I believe that prayer is a sure fire weapon against the enemy, I would like to enter into battle with you through prayer for our families, the lost, the poor, the lame, the broken hearted and the blind. As we partner together as soldiers in the Lord's Army, we will be able to take back everything the enemy stole from us while we establish God's kingdom in the earth.

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